What Culture's Top 50 of 2013 includes Rutu Modan, Tom Gauld, and Guy Delisle!

“50 Best Comics Of 2013” / What Culture / Noel Thorne / December 16, 2013


12. The Property, Rutu Modan

Mica and her grandmother Regina take a trip from Israel to Warsaw to reclaim property that was stolen from the family during the Nazi occupation during World War 2. But what is the real purpose of the trip for Regina…? The ghosts of the past and love long lost rear their heads in this moving and beautifully written comic from the author of Exit Wounds, Rutu Modan. Mixing in real history into a story of complex characters’ relationships, Modan has achieved something formidable in The Property, a comic book that’s deeply human and filled with real emotion. Modan’s drawing style is similar to Herge’s and has developed a lot since Exit Wounds a few years ago with the scenic landscapes in particular looking just incredible. The Property is a riveting drama and a must-read comic.


25. You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack, Tom Gauld

Guardian cartoonist Tom Gauld released the collected edition of his many cartoons for the newspaper in You’re All Just Jealous of my Jetpack, a book that features surreal comedy strips like Mister Victorian Novel, the Fiction Police, and satirical takes on contemporary writers like Dan Brown and Martin Amis. Gauld’s acute eye on all things literary leads to strips like Book Cover Design is Easy and takes funny swipes at critics who eschew sci-fi/fantasy novels over general fiction. Drawn in an appealing, deceptively simple way, Gauld’s comics are hilarious, clever, and great fun to read.


37. A User's Guide to Neglectful Parenting, Guy Delisle

Delisle is best known for his travelogues to little known areas of the world like Pyongyang in North Korea, Jerusalem, Burma or Shenzhen in China, but here he settles down and writes a funny series of sketches on life as a father to his two young children. Light pieces like forgetting to put a coin under his son’s pillow when one of his baby teeth falls out, or critiquing the hell out of his daughter’s drawing before realising she’s only 6 and not a professional illustrator like him, are genuinely really funny. A User’s Guide… is a highly enjoyable series of vignettes for all readers, whether you have kids or not.
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