PopMatters reviews The Bun Field

“The Bun Field” / PopMatters / Sara Cole / June 18, 2009

The Bun Field marks Finnish comics artist Amanda Vähämäki’s first full-length release. She has contributed a number of shorter works to such publications as Drawn and Quarterly’s Showcase series, Glomp, and several other European anthologies. During a stint in art school in Italy, Vähämäki joined up with a comic art collective, Canicola, and it was through the collective that she began to release much of her work. What one perhaps first experiences when they begin Amanda Vähämäki’s The Bun Field is bewilderment. A child experiences a nonsensical dream in which a Donald Duck-like character and its son(is that his son?) are devoured by a dinosaur and a nut is violently smashed in a vise. The child then awakes, but the world she has arisen to is no more comprehensible than the dream. However, Vähämäki makes this sense of confusion into a strength of the graphic novel rather than a shortcoming.


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