Benson’s Cuckoos in The Globe and Mail's "Three Comics to Check Out"

“Horror, chaos and satire: three comics to check out” / The Globe and Mail / Sean Rogers / July 25, 2014

"At first, Benson’s Cuckoos doesn’t stray far from the usual template of workplace comedy. In Anouk Ricard’s gently bonkers satire, an everyman wage-earner endures the indignities foisted upon him by his zany boss and downtrodden co-workers. Gradually, though, the French cartoonist’s take on these conventions reveals a more mischievous side. At the titular small business, Richard, newly hired, watches on as incompetence and pettiness bring any work to a halt (the company’s pet fish floats dead in its tank; employees are scolded for having no rhythm). Soon it gets worse, as workers suffer dizzy spells, get shot, and go missing – all while Richard’s cuckoo colleagues whisper together, in silly and stand-offish worlds of their own. Emphasizing the absurdity of these characters, the artist renders them as primary-coloured doodles – big-headed funny animals, dressed in business-casual attire. This skillfully stylized crudity serves Ricard’s humour well, just barely cushioning her pointed jabs at the insular, dysfunctional families we construct at work."

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