Booklist Reviews Petty Theft

“Booklist on Petty Theft” / Booklist / Eva Volin / September 15, 2014

Like a scene out of When Harry Met Sally, this slice-of-life story is at once funny and cringe inducing. Having taken up running as a way to boost his endorphins after a nasty breakup, Pascal trips over a rock, hurts his back, and is told by his doctor to rest. Despite being warned against making major changes in his life while on the romantic rebound, Pascal deals with his recovery period by making a series of dubious decisions, including trailing the young woman he spots shoplifting a book he wrote at his local bookstore. Pascal’s constant rationalization of his passive-aggressive behaviors is both grating and true to life, giving the reader the same sense of amiable exasperation felt by Pascal’s friends and family. Girard’s sketchy black-and-white cartoons are drawn with a deceptively light hand that gives his artwork a sense of fluid movement and accentuates the funnier moments. Girard’s protagonist is a genial slacker Everyman who makes less-than-great choices—in other words, he’s painfully relatable, but in the best way.

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