The National Post on The Worn Archive

“A snoop through closets past with new books that offer smart takes on history’s fashion sense” / The National Post / Nathalie Atkinson / July 12, 2014

"Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. In the cycle of fashion, however, some things bear repeating. Take The WORN Archive (Drawn & Quarterly), a book that assembles eight years of the Canadian journal’s forays into fashion history and notions of garment art in one volume. There are essays and articles about 1940s footwear, the centuries-old military influence in mens closets and the politics at work in the influence of Khadi, the coarse cotton fabric popularized by Ghandi.

When I first wrote about WORN Journal in 2007, founding publisher and editor-in-chief Serah-Marie McMahon was still a fibre-arts major at Concordia University who had used her tuition savings to publish two issues of WORN. She said she was driven by a hunger for a bit of the scholarly approach (or even glancing historical knowledge) often glossed over in the glossies, in-depth smarts of the sort that the better music magazines give their readers. I said the magazine aspired to Sassy magazine’s “brainy tiara” with a combination of how-to and history, and the compendium is a great book to have on hand to dip in and out of."

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