PopMatters reviews Kitaro

“The World of Japanese Demons Was Never More Delightful as It Is in Mizuki's 'Kitaro'” / PopMatters / Hans Rollmann / October 3, 2014

Even for Japanese manga, Kitaro is an unlikely hero. His father (or rather, all that’s left of him: an eyeball that’s sprouted legs and arms) lives in his left eye-socket, and takes occasional baths in cups of tea. Kitaro wears a vest made out of the hairs of his ancestors, which gives him supernatural powers, and even when he doesn’t have it, he can still fire his hair like spikes at his enemies. And, although he’s part-demon himself, he spends most of his time fighting even nastier demons in order to protect humanity (well, except for those unsavory specimens of humanity he sometimes decides to teach a lesson to…).


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