Canada Arts Connect Reviews The WORN Archive

“The WORN Archive and the End of WORN Journal: The Art, Ideas, and History of What We Wear (Review) [Includes Video]” / Canada Arts Connect / Desirée Ossandon / October 2, 2014

The WORN Archive: Fashion Journal about the Art, Ideas, & History of What We Wear is a cover-to-cover treat-filled delight for anyone who likes fashion, art, creativity, and above all style.

Each page is filled with style-related expertise, experiences, opinions, and anecdotes from WORN writers affectionately known as Wornettes.

…with each chapter focusing celebrating a different part of fashion – that fashion can be fun, fashion can be art, identity, politics, and most of all, that fashion is a personal medium for self-expression…[its] a 400+ page manifesto, a resource of incredible information, and a beautiful book for Wornettes all over the world.

Along with collecting material from the first fourteen issues of WORN, the book also includes new artwork. In fact, nearly 50% of the book’s content are photos, images, and illustrations making it not only an awesome read but also a stylistic treat for the eyes.

“It’s just as much of an art book as something you want to read.” 
- Alexandra Niit, Art Director


The book will now undoubtably become a tribute to the amazing work done by the Wornettes as the publication has recently announced that the next issue will be the last.

After ten years and twenty issues, the Wornettes have decided to hang up their hats.

On November 22, 2014, WORN Fashion Journal will release a special double anniversary issue to commemorate ten years of independent fashion publishing. This will be the last issue of WORN Fashion Journal. 

So be sure to pick up their final issue along with The WORN Archive to get all of the fantastic fashion features and style-filled art.

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