Quill & Quire's Books of the Year: Delporte and DeForge!

“Q&Q’s picks for books of the year 2014” / Quill & Quire / Q&Q Staff / December 1, 2014


"Set in a colourful but nihilistic world inhabited by ants (including a child prophet and a rather charming psychopath) and hungry dog-faced spiders, Michawel DeForge's debut graphic novel features warring states, crumbling relationships, familial strife, and environmental collapse. The Toronto cartoonist exhibits philosophical confidence and tight control over his material, elevating what could have been a string of silly visual gags into a thoughtful (but hilarious) take on human nature."-SCF


"When a book enters that elusive domain of "personal favourites," it's often difficult to distinguish one's admiration of the work from its maker. For me, France-born comics artist Julie Delporte falls into that category, and her beautiful, existential graphic novel, Everywhere Antennas, did not disappoint. Despite its preoccupation with technology, Everywhere Antennas' rough-hewn scrapbook aesthetic has a vital, refreshing offline-sensibility."-JB

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