Weird Canada reviews Genevieve Castree's SUSCEPTIBLE

“Ex Libris :: Geneviève Castrée – Susceptible” / Weird Canada / Dianne Lalonde / October 20, 2014

From behind the windows of the soul of Dianne Lalonde:

Pause in between each of Geneviève Castrée’s illustrations in Susceptible; otherwise, you will miss just how deeply they can permeate. Perceiving another’s childhood through illustration enables an empathic account, how much easier to project into the other when you can see the visions entrenched upon their eyes. Visions of their formulation, a process wholly incomplete.

Our formation is mentally and physically encumbered by what happened in the past. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since our accident of entering into the world does not mean that our ties in it are any the less valuable. When saying, “oh I got that from Mom” or “this seems like something my father would do,” we are placing ourselves by some of the only references we know. However, doing so becomes much more difficult when our familial points of reference do not speak our language or share our values. Castrée shows the cognitive dissonance created between wanting our vision of the perfect family and admitting that reality is often far off, creating a tragedy. We subsequently ask: what does the (m)other want?

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