Montreal Gazette Gift Guide

“Atwood, a Python, Moomins and more: Christmas gift suggestions from the crop of 2014” / Montreal Gazette / Ian McGillis / December 19, 2014

After achieving some of their best sales success with books by the late Swedish-Finnish cartoonist/novelist Tove Jansson, Montreal graphic-lit publishers Drawn & Quarterly have pulled out all the stops with Moomin: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition (448 pp, $69.95). Brought out in time to mark the centenary of Jansson’s birth, this mammoth volume rounds up long-lost strips done for a long-defunct British newspaper beginning in the 1950s, and gives adepts and newcomers alike the chance to immerse themselves in the numinous and riotous parallel universe of these vividly personable hippo-like trolls. 

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