Over Easy is on Reason's Holiday Gift Guide

“Reason's Holiday Gift Guide” / Reason / Brian Doherty, senior editor / December 6, 2014

Our staff looks back at the books, movies, and music released (or in some cases rereleased) in 2014 and suggests a slew of gift ideas:

Brian Doherty, senior editor

Over Easy, Mimi Pond's graphic fictionalized memoir of her years as an art-student-turned-waitress in late-'70s Oakland, delivers nostalgia that's neither mawkish nor glamorized; it just understands to the bone what age can discern in the cusp moments of youth, recollected in, if not tranquility, at least some distance from how people can seem and scenes can mean when their complicated realities buffet you for the first time. Her cartooning is lively, lived-in, and sweet; her writing is an appealingly deep and nuanced recreation of the vertiginous and magical feelings of discovering who you are and who you will be through immersion in a troublingly lovable group bohemia.

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