AV Club reviews First Year Healthy

“Mental illness, gay erotica, and Gotham’s seedy underbelly” / AV Club / Zainab Akhtar / February 10, 2015

Michael DeForge opens his 2015 account with First Year Healthy(Drawn & Quarterly), a 30-page print edition of his illustrated prose story charting the year of a young woman after her release from the hospital after a mental-health related “episode.” The details of said episode are left oblique, but her efforts to reintegrate are stymied by a small-town mentality in which everyone knows her, knows what happened, and resultantly maintain a wide berth. She’s acutely aware of this wary ostracizing, and what it would mean were she to relapse: “After the first time, people would want to help. They’d be sympathetic. But a relapse would be met with revulsion—anger, even.” Read the full review here. 

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