The Comics Journal on The Hospital Suite

“2014: Comics, New and Old (Part II)” / The Comics Journal / Ken Parille / January 28, 2015

What impresses me most about this book, which chronicles the author’s long battle with a host of illnesses, is its tone: a very hard-to-define kind of lightness. The subject matter, of course, is as heavy as it gets, with many gripping scenes of Porcellino suffering from an elusive disease that takes far too long to diagnose. In part, the book’s warm tone is an effect of Porcellino’s affect-less style, one of the most unadorned visual and narrative approaches in contemporary comics. The immediacy of the artist’s fine line work and his pages’ and panels’ extra-sparse, open compositions help to break down barriers between reader and art; Porcellino, a confident cartoonist, lets white space do much of the storytelling and design work.

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