Irish Examiner on Bumperhead

“Drawing conclusions from the year’s best graphic novels” / Irish Examiner / Don O’Mahony / December 29, 2014

The elder Hernandez brother’s career has been defined by his depiction of the comings and goings of the fictional Latin American town of Palomar, in the long-running comic, Love and Rockets.

Recently, he has turned his attention to a landscape more familiar to those portrayed by his younger brother, Jaime.

Last year’s Marble Season was a memoir, set in a similar Californian landscape to his home, and it was an affectionate tribute to a 1960s childhood fuelled by comics.

His latest, Bumperhead, is located in the same milieu, but this time the protagonist is a disaffected adolescent in the 1970s and the cosy childhood is replaced by uncertainty. It’s a more downbeat work, but it’s a warning against complacency that comes from a good place.

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