IS? is 'mind-warping'

“Intelligent Sentient - psychoactive pictorial trip to another world” / Boing Boing / Gareth Branwyn / March 11, 2015

I’ve got to tell you, I had a real mind-warping moment with Intelligent Sentient?.

I can’t think of too many (non-chemically-assisted) art immersions that have altered my consciousness more than Intelligent Sentient?. In 64 pages, artist and commercial illustrator, Luke Ramsey, and a group of collaborators (including Finlay Pogue, Jesse Jacobs, Emmanuel Romeuf) create a bizarre alternative world that is as alien as it is familiar. And it is this ability to rapidly oscillate between the known and the unknown, the real and the imagined, that makes Intelligent Sentient? so effectively psychoactive.

The colors in this book are amazing, as is the print quality and the hallucinogenic intensity of the imagery. There is only the suggestion of a narrative and certain visual themes that worm their way throughout the piece. The effect is that the visual narrative seems to be constantly, frantically pointing to things that, when you strain to resolve them, don’t actually appear to be there. I found the resulting effect to be very disorienting and trippy. When’s the last time your consciousness got altered just by looking at a book?

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