Previews Mary Wept Over The Feet of Jesus

“ Reviews Mary Wept Over The Feet of Jesus” / / John Lucas / December 19, 2015

THE SEXY SIDE OF THE BIBLE is coming to a comic shop near you. Now that I have actually typed that out, it looks patently ridiculous, but it's sorta true. Two upcoming titles will see veteran graphic novelists tackle the parts of scripture you probably didn't learn about in Sunday school. In March, Drawn & Quarterly will publish Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus: Prostitution and Religious Obedience in the Bible by Chester Brown. Brown previously covered the topic of prostitution in Paying for It, and he has also created graphic adaptations of the Gospels of Mark and Matthew. According to D&Q, Mary Wept sees him "delving deep into the lore and secondary sources to weave a work that draws a connecting line between the prostitutes of the Hebrew Bible. Chester Brown does with the Bible what he did in his biography of Louis Riel: makes their stories compellingly readable and utterly pertinent to a modern readership.

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