ENTERTAINMENT xoBookClub: 12 Illustrated Books for Grownups

“ENTERTAINMENT xoBookClub: 12 Illustrated Books for Grownups” / xoBookClub / Amber / February 6, 2016

Was She Pretty? — Leanne Shapton

What's more intoxicating — and very, very, very bad for you — than wondering (and obsessing) about your lover's ex's? Shapton's Was She Pretty? explores that painful behavior that we just can't seem to quit with thoughtful sketches that cut right to the heart of how we love, by proxy, the ones our lovers have loved before us.

Beautiful Darkness — Fabien Vehlmann 

I've been warned of and enchanted by this dark, dark, VERY DARK graphic novel for some time now. Vehlmann begins with a fairy tale trope and turns it on its head with gorgeous watercolor illustrations that brutally illuminate the morality (or lack thereof), betrayal, and emotional turmoil that makes the human experience raw and magnificent. 

Step Aside, Pops: A Hark! A Vagrant Collection — Kate Beaton 

Lesley dubbed Beaton's most recent collection her favorite book of 2015 and, as we all know, Lesley can do and say no wrong. Many of you are familiar with Beaton's witty and literary comics and if you aren't, you've probably seen them pop up on your Facebook newsfeed at one time or another. 

If you're sitting at your computer, scratching your head and murmuring, who? it's high time you get acquainted. No more excuses. 



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