Kate Beatin Included in Cosmo Top 14 Graphic Novels for Women

“14 Graphic Novels and Comics Every Twentysomething Woman Should Read” / Cosmopolitan / Meave Gallagher / January 29, 2016


Kate Beaton rules the online and print comic worlds. Hark! A Vagrant and Step Aside, Pops, her two published collections of her online comic, reinterpret history, classic literature, and terrible old cartoons through a modern lens. Beaton does tons of research to make her comics as accurate as possible, using sly humor, ridiculous butt jokes, and a little whimsy to teach her history lessons: Consider the perfectly skeptical expression on Ida B. Wells's face when told that white suffragettes would prefer she didn't participate in their suffrage march, but, "It's naawt a race thing."

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