Killing and Dying: Five Books To Take To Bed This Month

“Five Books To Take To Bed This Month” / New Indian Express / Shyama Krishna Kumar / October 20, 2015

Killing and Dying, by Adrian Tomine
Bringing together six interconnected, yet stylistically and narratively diverse stories, Adrian Tomine (one of the best contemporary graphic novelists around) is known for works that reflect the psychological reality of our times. Killing and Dying, his latest offering, is no different. Packing in the punch of tightly written and exciting short stories, these six stories are deep studies of the human condition. These slice of life vignettes are not happy stories, of course. There’s a ridiculously touching tale of a girl who has just found out that she resembles a popular porn star. Another girl in the story Go Owls settles in a relationship because she has no other place to go. In yet another one, a man is trying to follow an impossible dream and share it with his partner. 


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