Previews World Previews Mary Wept

“Indie Edge: Chester Brown, Grant Morrison, & More ” / Previews World / Andrea Purcell / February 9, 2016

Writer and artist Chester Brown is no stranger to the controversial world of prostitution, and in his next graphic novel he’s taking it back to a biblical beginning. Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus (FEB161442) is a collection of nine tales from the bible dealing with women and the representations of prostitution within. This is the second graphic novel Brown has released with Drawn & Quarterly on the subject, the first being the bestselling Paying for It. Containing the stories of biblical heroines Bathsheba, Ruth, Rahab, Tamar, Mary of Bethany, and the Virgin Mary, Brown interweaves and connects these women through their mutual tales. A reassessment of Christian morals, this examination of how the bible represents sex work and the women implicated in it will help deepen the understanding of religion as a whole.

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