Gadgette: Terms and Conditions a "Masterpiece"

Terms and Conditions
“Someone’s created a graphic novel of the iTunes Terms & Conditions” / Gadgette / Moe Thet War / November 16, 2015

Raise your hand if you never read the iTunes terms and conditions that you supposedly agreed to the first time you used iTunes or any of the subsequent times you had to update it. Although we all know that we should be reading it, but come on, who has the time to scroll through a 30+ page document when all you really wanna do is just rock out to 1989 on repeat?

However, artist Robert Sikoryak has come up with a way to make the iTunes T&C actually entertaining to read. Basically, he’s created a Tumblr illustrating them in the style of famous cartoonists. All of the comics star (who else?) Steve Jobs as the main character, as he takes on the form of a plethora of well-known and loved cartoon classics. It’s just as weird and surreal as it sounds, but it somehow… works. Of course, it’d be perfectly normal for Snoopy Jobs to walk around contemplating the rules around preorders!

This isn’t the first time that Sikoryak has combined something modern with something, or multiple things, that are more “classic”. Sikoryak is most famous for his Masterpiece Comics, which depicts classic literary works in the form of modern-day comics. Examples of his past combinations include Faust and Garfield, Dostoyevsky and Batman, Kafka and Charlie Brown, and so on. While probably none of us ever envisioned Voltaire’s Candide as Ziggy, Sikoryak did, and just like with his work on the iTunes T&C, his seemingly strange mixtures of classic and contemporary cultural references produce amazing and somehow perfectly natural results.

Each of Sikoryak’s iTunes drawings is a masterpiece...

A page in a new artist’s style is uploaded every day. According to Sikoryak, he’s already finished all of the illustrations, so it’s just a case of waiting for the next one to be put up. To be honest, it’s possible that Apple could slip in a stipulation in their T&C saying that I owe them my firstborn and I wouldn’t know. Hopefully, now that Sikoryak’s comics will be showing up on my Tumblr feed on a daily basis, I’ll know exactly how much of my soul I’m selling to Apple.

Check out the Tumblr, and if you know an Apple fan who needs the T&Cs graphic novel for Christmas, take a look at the two booklets Sikoryak’s produced. Terms, of course, apply.

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