Picture Books Blogger Reviews Anna and Froga 5: Out and About

“Picture Books Blogger Reviews Anna and Froga 5: Out and About” / Picture Books Blogger / June 22, 2016

In this highly successful series of graphic novels published by the super cool Drawn and Quarterly, comes the fifth volume of this genius grouping. Anna & Froga: Out and About by Anouk Ricard is a highly accessible graphic novel.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of Anna & Froga, you really must. Each book is a sharp-witted, humorous and realistic look at an eclectic mix of friends and how the dynamics of their group play out.

With a clean storyboard layout, merged with the odd full-colour double page spread, this makes for an engaging read and one which children will find very manageable.

Here, we follow a young girl named Anna, with her entourage of furry animal friends on a memorable and epic journey to Paris.

Ricard creates utterly surreal, a little bit weird, yet totally believable individuals, bursting with colour, emotion and character.

Involving a balloon ride, a Scrabble-playing vampire and a dog who gets in touch with his zen side, what’s not to love?

Anna and Froga offers a very honest portrayal of friendship, filled with laugh-out-loud moments and complete with a quirky and unusual friendship group.

The inclusion of cute characters without being overbearing, sweet moments but not sickly and humour that will appeal to a wide and varied audience, makes for a winning combination and a book we highly recommend.

Ricard’s long standing series is set to become a modern day classic, her sharp observations provide a highly agreeable read for both children and adults alike.

In a frank and authentic look at relationships, where no lie is hidden and no secrets kept, this makes for a refreshing approach to storytelling, unlike anything else we’ve seen on the market at the moment.

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