Pop Matters Gives Carpet Sweeper Tales 8/10 Stars

“The Compulsive Artist: An Interview with Julie Doucet” / Pop Matters / Hans Rollman / March 14, 2016

Those who haven’t been following Julie Doucet's post-comics career have been missing a lot.

The Montreal, Canada-born and -based visual artist is still associated by many with her groundbreaking and now iconic alternative comics. When she burst on the scene, it didn’t take her long to win one Harvey Award (Best New Talent, 1991) and nominations for several others, particularly for her earliest series Dirty Plotte (which started out as a photocopied fanzine produced while Doucet was in art school before it was picked up by publisher Drawn & Quarterly) and My New York Diary (which won the Firecracker Award for Best Graphic Novel in 2000).

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