Wired Magazine Dubs Terms and Conditions 'Engaging' Read

“This graphic novel makes iTunes T&Cs actually readable” / Wired / Matt Kamen / November 4, 2015

Everyone knows they should read terms and conditions when signing up for new services. Few ever do, however -- the mountains of legalese and overly specific jargon just puts people to sleep. The iTunes T&Cs are among the most notoriously long, and most people click "agree" without a second thought. But what if that sprawling, boring document was more engaging to read? What if it were more.... visual? Well now it is, as artist Robert Sikoryak is creating a graphic novel presenting the entire legal document in comic book form -- and it's entirely unabridged. R. Sikoryak -- as the creator signs his work -- is posting a new page everyday, and is currently up to page 48. The artist is expecting to produce 94 pages total, plus cover images for chapters, to fully adapt Apple's Homerian agreement. 

Each strip features a stylised Steve Jobs going on adventures, with the dialogue simply every single word of the Terms and Conditions. Brilliantly though, each page is drawn in the style of some of the comics' worlds most-loved artists, from around the globe.

Sikoryak has so far paid homage to legends such as Jim Steranko, whose trippy imagery made Marvel's 1960's Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD series iconic; Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield; the gritty pulp horror of Hellboy's Mike Mignola; and Osamu Tezuka, the "God of Manga" and creator of Astro Boy. The result? Juxtaposing the dull subject matter against the artistic variety and Sikoryak's skill makes for surprisingly engaging reading -- proof, if it were needed, that comics make everything better. And maybe now, more people will read the iTunes agreement before aimlessly clicking through.

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