A.V. Club Hails Mary Wept as One of the Best Comics of 2016

“The best comics of 2016 so far: The A.V. Club’s catch-up guide” / A.V. Club / Tim O'Neil / July 27, 2016

Is it possible that the current generation of comics readers may be unfamiliar with the work of Chester Brown? Slow, deliberate, eccentric, and highly personal, his comics are consistently unsettling. His last work, 2011’s Paying For It, was devoted to Brown’s experiences as a john. Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus continues the theme of his previous volume, apparent with the subtitle Prostitution And Religious Obedience In The Bible. Brown’s copious hand-lettered footnotes point to a body of biblical scholarship informing the work, but much of the scholarly veracity is cast into doubt by his obvious bias in reconstructing God in his own sexually tolerant image. Perhaps one day we will look back on the last decade as Brown’s “difficult” period, or perhaps the present volume foreshadows a far less interesting future for Brown as an increasingly isolated figure whose didactic work finds little purchase in the marketplace. Whichever the answer, Brown’s work still remains vital and skilled, even if the reader recognizes the futility of arguing with a man so deeply lost in a fit of private obsession. Where he goes from here is anyone’s guess. 

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