Blastr calls Mooncop 'unmissable'

“Laughs and thrills await in The Fix, Bloom County, and 9 more unmissable September graphic novels” / Blastr / Matthew Funk / September 6, 2016


(By Tom Gauld. September 21 from Drawn and Quarterly)

I first became aware of Mooncop back in May when Drawn & Quarterly released an excerpt from the graphic novel as their offering for Free Comic Book Day, and it was my favorite FCBD book of the year. Now, the full-length graphic novel from The Guardian cartoonist Tom Gauld is about to arrive, and I’m ecstatic to read the rest.

Mooncop is the melancholy story of the last police officer on a lunar colony whose resources and population have slowly been leaving for greener pastures. Gauld’s simple but emotionally-evocative cartooning breathes life, deadpan humor, and a sense of hope in the face of the inevitable into the officer and the few people left in his orbit. In the FCBD excerpt, the cop helps an old woman — one of the colony’s original design team — find her runaway dog, and she says to him “Living on the moon. Whatever were we thinking? It seems rather silly now.” But the humble policeman replies “Not to me. I think what you did was wonderful.” Slice-of-life science fiction and masterful cartooning make this a can’t-miss release from one of comics’ most innovative publishers.

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