Vulture Names "Rolling Blackouts" A Must-Read Comic

“8 Comics You Need to Read This October” / Vulture / Abraham Riesman / October 3, 2016

Rolling Blackouts, by Sarah Glidden (Drawn + Quarterly)
When comics-format journalist Sarah Glidden embarked on a 2010 tour of Turkey, Iraq, and Syria, she didn’t have any idea that her destinations were on the brink of a brutal upheaval. That temporal juxtaposition lends her memoir of the trip, Rolling Blackouts, an unexpected meta-textual weight — but honestly, the book would have been a must-read even if the region had stayed (relatively) quiet. You’re left rapt by her evocative watercolors and dense investigations of the long-term consequences of the Iraq War, but the real treat is her fastidious first-person recounting of the tension between two of her travel companions: an Iraq vet and the journalist he grew up with, who struggles to get him to talk about the conflict’s trauma without pigeonholing him. Glidden is fast becoming a peer of the great comics journo Joe Sacco, and it’ll be a thrill to see what she does next.

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