BOMB names Carpet Sweeper Tales one of their best comics of 2016

“Just a Few of the Best Comics of 2016” / BOMB Magazine / Chantal McStay / December 1, 2016

There's never been a richer time for graphic novels in all their genre-bending permutations: memoirs and literary adaptations, documentaries and short-form collections, histories and abstract pieces. Here is a sampling of works from this year that pushed the boundaries of the form in exciting ways, relentlessly reaffirming the case for good comics as fine art and great literature.

Carpet Sweeper Tales by Julie Doucet (Drawn & Quarterly)
The iconic author of My New York Diary stopped drawing comics more than ten years ago; here, she returns to the form through collage. Using imagery from '70s fumetti (Italian photonovels) and text from midcentury housekeeping and ladies' lifestyle magazines, she repurposes the commoditized drama and enthusiasm of old soap operas and ads to haunt and surprise anew.

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