Hot Dog Taste Test Listed as an Hilarious Cookbook by Food52

“10 Pretty Gifts That Happen to Be Cookbooks” / Food52 / Ali Slagle / December 6, 2016

This year saw cookbooks with rare forms: comics, recipes for "rain after cloud," under-the-microscope studies, and National Geographic-worthy travel photos. Here are [cookbooks] for people who like coffee table candy and take the word "cookbooks" loosely.

Lisa Hanawalt's new is more comic than cookbook, but it's hilariously poignant. In poppy illustrations, she divulges:

- a new food photography terminology: burgview (75% of frame is a burger), 'prout (rogue sprout), and so forth.

- snack tips: mix thing-flavored snack (gummy cola candy, popcorn jelly beans) with actual thing (Coke, popcorn).

- a list of sassy foods, which includes yogurt, Gogurt, spinach, oranges.

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