Huffington Post: Rolling Blackouts will expand your mind

“19 Nonfiction Books From 2016 That Will Expand Your Mind” / The Huffington Post / Jillian Capewell / December 21, 2016

While we do love our fiction at HuffPost Arts & Culture, 2016 ushered in ample nonfiction work that’s just as worthy of your time and eyeballs.

What many need after a drawn-out and frightening election season are resources to unplug and reconnect to our humanity. The sprawling category of “nonfiction” works in the universe could fit the bill for anyone’s particular reading needs, with authors providing insight and elucidation to the true world around us. In a time when the fleeting pace of newsfeeds and the viruslike spread of fake news dominates headlines, it can be a relief to reflect on and learn from a static, thorough object like a book.

If you’re looking to sink deep into a life story, or simply allow your mind to open up to an experience that’s unlike your own, consider these 19 selections from HuffPost writers.

“Rolling Blackouts” by Sarah Glidden

Sarah Glidden followed her friends to the Middle East with one goal: to report on the reporters. Her friends were actually members of a journalist collective, traveling to Turkey, Syria and Iraq in order to learn refugees’ stories and report on the after-effects of the U.S. war on Iraq. The result is part travelogue, part memoire, and part reportage — an accessible and specific narrative for news-tired readers who have long disassociated from headlines about war and refugees. If this is your introduction to “comics journalism,” don’t let it be the last.

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