Quill & Quire Staff Pick Seth's Dominion for their holiday gift pick

“Q&Q staff share their holiday-gift picks” / Quill & Quire / Conan Tobias, senior editor / December 15, 2016

Seth’s Dominion is a perfect gift for lovers of indie, non-superhero comics. Drawn & Quarterly took what could have been a simple DVD package for director Luc Chamberland’s National Film Board of Canada documentary portrait of the artist Seth and turned it into an art piece in its own right. Seth’s Dominion, bound dos-à-dos style, is an album of photographs from the artist’s life and career on one side, and a selected portfolio of his work on the other, with a disc of Chamberland’s charming documentary slipped into the middle. The entire package is, of course, designed by Seth, making it a must-have gift for completists.”

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