Best Dada Fotonovela by a Canadian Cartoonist

“13 Best Graphic Novels & Books About Comics from 2016—A Designer’s Guide” / Print Magazine / Michael Dooley / December 28, 2016

You survived 2016 without having your head explode. So congratulations: You deserve at least one book by and about artists of comic strips, comic books and graphic novels. And here are some recommendations for designers who may also be animation addicts, history and/or biography fans, the politically and/or satirically oriented, the internationally inclined, eggheads, and/or just oddballs. And again: This was the oddest of oddball years, wasn’t it?

See you in the funny papers.

Julie Doucet has refashioned her savage Dirty Plotte cartoon intensity, gender agenda, and acerbic wit with her new collage novel, a playful blend of imagery from 1950s and ‘60s Italian fumetti and domestic American magazines with 1970s punk flyer ransom note-styled text. Carpet Sweeper Tales’s amusingly abstract narrative is enlivened with the anarchic spirits of Hugo Ball and Hannah Höch.

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