Comics Beat on Leaving Richard's Valley by Michael DeForge

“A year of free comics: Leaving Richard’s Valley by Michael DeForge, a very sinister place indeed” / Comics Beat / Heidi Macdonald / January 31, 2017

The very prolific Michael DeForge is running a mostly daily comic strip on Instagram called Leaving Richard’s Valley 

It’s sort of the flip side to Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero also online, but also just out in a handsome  print edition from D&Q which is a five star must have.

In Sticks, a mega-celebrity comes to an enchanted forest and brings joy and beauty to the creature who live there, although their relationship with Sticks is not always healthy.

In Leaving Richard’s Valley, a similar cast is constantly singing the praises of Richard, the mysterious owner of the valley…but signs point to this being a valley where you can check in but you never check out. Richard is a figure of hagiographic authoritarianism, and though there is no obvious link to our times, it’s a timeless parable.

Like all of DeForge’s work, it’s disturbing and beautiful at once. He was always good but his most recent works – like the phenomenal Big Kids  – are getting better and better.

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