The Toronto Stars reviews If Found...

“Small Print: the best new books for younger readers” / The Toronto Star / Susan Juby / June 23, 2017

Gravel’s nutty imagination and humour are vitally apparent in this version of her personal sketchbook. In part she gives tips to artists (four points of advice: draw! make mistakes! don’t get discouraged! practice!) but mostly, she shows how accessible and fun drawing can be. “In my notebook . . . I give myself the right to fail, to mess up, to create ugly drawings . . . I let out all the ideas that are bouncing about in my head. Ridiculous ideas, crazy ideas, bizarre ideas . . .,” she writes. Then we view pages and pages of vibrantly coloured, wacky creatures, plants, worm slippers and even a fart festival. “Flibberty-whippets,” the “glopple,” a vampire potato and a gallery of “imaginary friends” get full play. This makes for an hilariously strange, wonderful picture book, but it’s also an explosively inventive, kid-respecting guide by an experienced artist for those who are just beginning. Good for doodlers, would-be cartoonists and anyone with a fistful of markers and a sense a humour. Definitely a potential source of summer-long entertainment.

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