GeekDad includes Baking with Kafka in Stack Overflow

“GeekDad includes Baking with Kafka in Stack Overflow” / GeekDad / Jonathan H. Liu / October 2, 2017

If you’ve never read any of Tom Gauld’s comics, I highly recommend you check out his Tumblr and read a few of his strips. Go on. I’ll wait.

<several hours later>

To me, the strips have sort of an Edward Gorey vibe to them, looking a little bit like woodcut prints, with all the characters having neutral expressions (often due to having no mouths). Gauld’s humor is quite dry, and often has literary references. His latest book, Baking With Kafka, is a collection of comics for the Guardian, the majority of which are about books or reading. If you love books and reading, then you should definitely add this one to your stack. Reading through it, pretty much every comic is one that I would cut out and pin to my cubicle wall, if I worked in a cubicle.

This one is mostly for adults—not so much because of the language (Gauld sometimes uses strong language in his comics but since these were from the Guardian they’re mostly safe for kids) but because younger kids aren’t going to understand a lot of the references anyway.

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