Comics on Prose: Eight Graphic Novels on the Art of Storytelling feat. Baking with Kafka

“Comics on Prose: Eight Graphic Novels on the Art of Storytelling” / Vol 1 Brooklyn / Tobias Carroll / November 21, 2017

What happens when a story told in one medium echoes the storytelling conventions of a different one? Comics are particularly well-suited for this: they incorporate elements of other storytelling mediums, while retaining their own narrative devices and techniques. What follows is a look at eight distinct works that evoke other methods of telling stories–literature, radio, art, television–while remaining distinctly (and proudly) comics. Expanding the boundaries of one medium while referencing another is no easy task; these eight books carry it off with aplomb.


Tom Gauld, Baking With Kafka
(Drawn & Quarterly)

The deadpan comics of Tom Gauld encompass a variety of narrative styles, from extended stories to single-panel gags. Baking With Kafka collects his literary-themed work in one places, with strips covering everything from plot diagrams to e-reader satires to the time Odin was asked to plan Neil Gaiman’s book tour.

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