Paste on Toys Talking

“The Best Comic Book Covers of November 2017” / Paste / Sean Edgar / November 2, 2017

With the blockbuster spectacles of summer passed and scares of Halloween dissipated, the winter months typically segue into classy, refined offerings that fit well wrapped in crimson and green under a fir tree. Fittingly, many of the best covers coming this month just look regal, a sense of preserved majesty filling in their two dimensions with dark yellow and amber hues. Chris Samnee and Cole Closser embrace a rallying yawp in their respective covers for Captain America #695 and Adventure Time Comics #7, Captain America and Finn heaving their weapons heaven-bound in anticipation of warfare. (This all begs the question…is a Marvel/Adventure Time crossover the thing we never knew we wanted?) Declan Shalvey aims in the opposite direction, lowering the cover figure of Injection #15 into a well of mythic, sci-fi cool, and Nick Pitarra slinks to ground-level for Redneck, creating the new art term snake’s-eye-view. There’s a lot to chew on, and not every cover revels in grandiose visuals; Leanne Shapton’s evocative Toys Talking art conveys multitudes of nostalgia and loneliness with an elephant sketch against a lime-green fill. Check out the gallery above and let us know what cover art you’re digging on our Twitter feed.

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