BBC Newsbeat discusses Terms & Conditions

“The graphic novel that makes T&Cs actually quite fun” / BBC Newsbeat / Hannah Moore / March 9, 2017

The notoriously complicated terms and conditions on iTunes have been explained in a graphic novel.

Terms and Conditions breaks down the 20,669-word document into 96 pages of cartoons.

"They're famous for being very long and for having never been read, and in that way they're like a lot of classic literature," says artist Robert Sikoroyak.

"These are books people think they should read and they never got to."

The book stars Apple founder Steve Jobs.

It is drawn in a range of classic cartoon styles, including Peanuts, Garfield and The Simpsons.

"I wanted the book to feel a little bit like the internet, or the iTunes store," explains Robert.

"To have a sense that anything was available, and anything could happen," says the New York based artist.

The project began as a self-published 'mini comic' in 2014.

Robert admits he hadn't read the T&Cs until then, despite calling himself a 'big fan' of Apple.

Frustratingly for him, the company increased its T&Cs while he was creating the novel, so he had to add more than 20 extra pages.

The company has since cut them down to 7000 words.

Robert's not sure if his novel will encourage people to finally read what they've signed up to.

"I've got mixed responses on that. A lot of people have said 'I really love your book, but I haven't read it'.

"I hope people will feel free to browse through it and find parts they like."

The artist is now working on The Unquotable Trump, a satire on the 2016 presidential campaign.

And he plans to carry on adapting classic texts like Moby Dick.

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