Hollywood Reporter previews D+Q's free comics for FCBD

“5 Comics to Pick Up on Free Comic Book Day 2017” / Hollywood Reporter / Graeme McMillan / May 5, 2017

Saturday is this year's Free Comic Book Day, the annual event where participating retailers offer the choice of over 50 special issues released by more than 30 publishers, all with the intent of luring readers into trying something new.

There's a lot of variety in what's available, including DC's Wonder Woman issue, setting up the character's origin in advance of her new movie; Marvel's Secret Empire — aimed, seemingly, at existing readers, in that it's a middle chapter to the already ongoing storyline — and Archie's Riverdale, written by staff from the CW show itself. Indeed, there's so much on offer that you might wonder what, if anything, is a must-read.

Wonder no more: Just read on and find out what five books should be on top of your pile Saturday. And for those with a more advanced sense of curiosity, a full list of releases can be found here.

Drawn & Quarterly Presents: Colorful Monsters (Drawn & Quarterly)

Both of D&Q's releases for Free Comic Book Day are strong stuff (the other is a preview of Guy Delisle's amazing non-fiction book Hostage), but this collection of material from international comics aimed at kids is effortlessly charming. Of particular note is the excerpt of If Found… Please Return to Elise Gravel, which feels like accidentally uncovering the greatest (and silliest) sketchbook of all.​

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