LFP on The Unquotable Trump

“Brown: Satirist finds The Donald rich source of material” / London Free Press / Dan Brown / October 13, 2017

Comic creator R. Sikoryak is back and this time his target isn’t Apple, but Donald Trump.

Maybe you remember that name. He’s the satirist behind Terms and Conditions — earlier this year, Sikoryak dedicated an entire book to a graphic representation of the legal jargon users click on when they sign up for Apple iTunes, recycling old comics and cartoons in the process.

His new book is The Unquotable Trump, presented in the form of a series of classic comic covers.

Each features an actual quote from the American president, either from his days as a candidate or a more recent instant internet classic.

So the cover for The Amazing Loser-Man depicts Trump looming over Spidey, saying “I know the greatest negotiators in the world. Some are horrible people, horrible human beings. Who cares? Some Wall Street guys, they’re brutal, they’re miserable . . . They’re terrible people. I love them.”

Marvel Comics fans will recognize that Trump is in the bulky guise of the Kingpin, the criminal mastermind who rules New York’s underworld.

On the cover of Nasty Woman, Woman Woman herself tosses Trump off the wall of a castle while he exclaims, “Such a nasty woman!”

My favourite?

Senator America, a take on Jack Kirby’s cover for Captain America No. 212. It shows Trump about to cream cap with a rock a la the Red Skull and showcases Trump’s complaint about former POW and current U.S. Senator John McCain: “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”

The one advantage of a book like this?

You could produce endless ­volumes, because you’re never ­going to run out of old comic ­covers or dumb things said by The ­Donald.

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