Under the Radar reviews Baking with Kafka

“Baking with Kafka (Drawn & Quarterly) Review | Under the Radar - Music Magazine” / Under the Radar / Hays Davis / October 24, 2017

A compilation of strips that appeared in the Guardian, Baking with Kafka presents Scottish cartoonist Tom Gauld at his hilarious best. Many of the strips find their subjects in the areas of writing and literary pursuits, which Gauld reveals to be rich sources. "The Rediscovered Classic" finds an older title excitedly explaining its good fortune, leaving the other deflated book with "Well, I must dash. I'm on Oprah this afternoon." In "The Easily Influenced Novelist's Characters," a bug speaks to a man: "He's been reading Kafka again, hasn't he?" "'Fraid so."    

"Errors Commonly Made By Inexperienced Murder-Mystery Novelists" include "Not Enough Suspects," "Nobody Gets Murdered," "Too Many Butlers," and "Detective Just Gives Up." Gauld also shifts freely from a literary focus, and a strip called "The Re-hang in the Museum's M.C. Escher Gallery Is Not Going Well" is just as amusing as its title suggests. (www.tomgauld.com)

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