KQED Arts names Baking with Kafka as top 5 book of 2017

“The Spine’s Top Five Books of 2017 (In Five Genres)” / KQED Arts / Ingrid Rojas Contreras / December 17, 2017

Wry, imaginative, disdainfully humorous, Baking With Kafka is a bibliocentric comic book you’ll absolutely wolf down and then wish it wasn’t quite over yet. I myself turned to the last page, and began it all over again. I am absolutely in love with Gauld’s humor—not to mention his minimalist aesthetic and bleak color palette. Baking With Kafka is the smart, charming, pure delight of a comic book every book lover has been waiting for. These are cartoons bent at picking on literary anxieties, pretensions, and pedantry. Gift liberally to all the book lovers you know.

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