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“Graphic Novels from Bevilacqua, Ellis & Davis-Hunt, Rubio & Efa, Stein, plus More Superman | Xpress Reviews” / Library Journal / Lucy Roehrig, Ann Arbor Dist. Lib. / December 7, 2017

Stein’s (Eye of the Majestic Creature) latest work collects her comics for along with some new material. Cartoon lovers with an appreciation for autobiographical storytelling and vibrant, minimalist watercolor drawings will admire Stein’s use of text size, shape, and color to convey emotions within the narrative in a unique and eye-catching way. The stories are at times funny and also poignant and relatable. Some take the reader through the author’s days in New York City as a bartender, substitute teacher, and waitress; others glimpse her personal life by way of her relationship with her mother, aging grandfather, and friends. Short anecdotes about everyday routines such as eating at a restaurant by herself and overhearing conversations or youthful remembrances like going to a rave are especially amusing and touching.

Verdict Stein’s enjoyable autobiographical vignettes will please both adult and teen lovers of comics.

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