CBC discusses upcoming Canadian D+Q releases

“12 Canadian comics to watch for in the first half of 2018” / CBC Books / February 6, 2018

Some interesting comics are coming your way in 2018. Check them out!


What it's about: Elise Gravel's latest children's book, The Mushroom Fan Club, is inspired by her family's love of mushroom hunting and is a journey through the world of mushrooms in a whimsical felt-tip marker art style.  

When you can read it: May 8, 2018


What it's about: Musician and illustrator Geneviève Castrée's A Bubble is a touching gift drawn for her daughter during the last days of her life, which follows a mother and daughter floating through the pages encased in bubble that protects them from the outside world. Castrée died in 2016.

When you can read it: June 5, 2018

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