Chris Ware recommends Nick Drnaso's Sabrina in The Guardian

“On my radar: Chris Ware’s cultural highlights ” / The Guardian / Chris Ware / November 5, 2017

  The American cartoonist on Alexander Payne’s devastating new satire, the young graphic novelist he’s most excited about and the BBC series he pays to have airmailed across the Atlantic...

4 | Graphic novel 

Sabrina by Nick Drnaso

My own profession currently seems divided between comics fiction and comics memoir, the former more or less growing out of the childish fantasies now grotesquely metastasised as “superhero stories for adults” — which makes about as much sense to me as writing pornography for children. Some middle-aged colleagues and I believe literary comics fiction is possible without resorting to fantastical heroics, however, and the youngest and finest exemplar, 28-year-old Nick Drnaso, offers a new book next year to possibly top us all: Sabrina, about a missing woman, a video and the unspeakable possibilities of our contemporary mitigated reality. (After I recommended his first, Beverly, to Zadie Smith, she wrote back a one-word review: “wow,” and she’s just called Sabrina “the best book – in any medium – I have read about our current moment”.) I have no doubt that if Nick keeps it up, he will do things on paper that no other human has yet imagined (he basically already is), and that’s the best kind of heroism imaginable.

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