D+Q titles on the Oklahoman's 2017 best-of list

“The Oklahoman's best graphic novels of 2017” / The Oklahoman / Matthew Price / January 5, 2018

A great book that demonstrates what it means to wait tables and to want something more.

Longer-form stories told with a combination of art and words remain popular among readers. Several outstanding graphic novels were released in 2017.


From B-movie monster-inspired mysteries to true crime tales to alien explorations, this year's graphic novels provided variety, punch and style.


The following are my picks for the 10 best graphic novels of 2017.


The Customer is Always Wrong': Mimi Pond returns for a second graphic novel about Madge's journey as an artist in 1970s Oakland while working as a waitress.


'Boundless': Jillian Tamaki's collection of stories includes the story of Jenny, who becomes engrossed in an alternate version of herself transmitted via social media.


'Hostage': Guy Delisle shares the account of Christopher Andre's experience as a hostage in Chechnya.

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