The Guardian discusses D+Q's 2018 titles

“2018 in comics: Wonder Woman, Poochytown and goodbye Alan Moore” / The Guardian / Sam Thielman / January 4, 2018

[…] In contrast to Ferris’s warm maximalism, precise minimalist Nick Drnaso will publish Sabrina (May, Drawn & Quarterly), a follow-up to his remarkable first graphic novel Beverly. Set in quotidian suburban America, Beverly was a masterclass in slow-burn narrative, with each chapter quietly building on the previous to form a structure only visible from the end. In Sabrina he turns his jeweller’s eye to the aftermath of violence, in a tale about a US soldier suspected in the disappearance of a young woman.

[...] And, finally, the strange and wonderful illustrator Elise Gravel has a new book out, The Mushroom Fan Club (June, Drawn & Quarterly), about mushrooms. That’s all I’m giving you. You’ll read it and like it.

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