Newsarama gives Boundless a gold medal

“Best of Best Shots 2017: Our Review Crew Picks the BEST of the Year” / Newsarama / Scott Cederlund / December 27, 2017

Gold - Boundless: Jillian Tamaki’s collection of short stories reminds me of a great record where every song builds on a theme while having its own unique sound. The stories in this book feel like they’re from one year into the future or from a sideways, slanted world that’s completely recognizable but just alien enough to keep the reader disoriented and slightly off-balance. Her tales of longing and a search for connections take aim at our increased reliance on social media, fandom, and relationships to highlight the ways that we search to find our own chunks of dry ground to anchor ourselves emotionally and physically, too. Her stories aren’t so much about establishing those anchors as they are about the need for them.

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