Library Journal reviews From Lone Mountain

“Graphic Novels” / Library Journal / Tom Batten / April 1, 2018

The typical story collected here goes some- thing like this: a man walks down the street, thinking about nothing in particular. He notices something slightly irregular. Maybe it’s the way the sunlight reflects off a win- dowpane in the distance. He pauses, lost in reverie. The end. This, by the way, is a positive review, because Porcellino (Map of My Heart) is capable of imbuing a simple tale with real poignancy. Pared-down illustra- tions combine with koan-like text panels that narrate many of these pieces, adding to the growing sense, as the collection pro- gresses, that Porcellino himself is afflicted with great tension and anxiety and desper- ately in need of the tranquil moments his work depicts. Gathering stories originally published in the series King Cat Comics and Stories (2003–07), this volume includes a mix of autobiographical tales covering childhood memories, reflections on mar- riage, and the death of Porcellino’s father, alongside illustrated poems, prose pieces, and more. VERDICT While this exquisite volume might not be the one that finally launches Porcellino into the pantheon be- side Chris Ware and Lynda Barry, that he flies just a little under the radar is part of his charm.

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