Library Journal reviews Red Winter

“Graphic Novels from Fernandez, Furmark, and Mardon | Xpress Reviews” / Library Journal Reviews / Sonnet Ireland / February 23, 2018

Siv, a married mother of three, is in love with another man, Ukrik. Complicating matters further, Ukrik is a young Maoist, while Siv is an older Social Democrat. Throughout this story from Swedish creator Furmark (The Mazes and Other Stories), readers learn about the lives of Ukrik, Siv, and her children and the consequences of their actions. The illustrations fit the theme well, with darker colors portraying the bleakness of the time as well as the winter months. Scenes of interactions among the characters simultaneously emphasize the isolation each feels. While many graphic novels have explored politics and life during the 1970s in the Middle East, Russia, or other Eastern European countries, very few have focused on Northern European and Nordic countries at that time. This book does a wonderful job of looking at life in Sweden through a compelling story line and engaging characters. Verdict Recommended for anyone interested in late 20th-century European politics and life, particularly in Sweden. A solid addition to collections on communism in Europe.

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